Adam's "5-Day Blitz"

Work With Adam 1-On-1 & Get Put On The Fast-Track!

Work directly with Adam to build out your first marketing campaign the Cherrington way! The "5-Day Blitz" is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. This additional service is delivered via 5, 1-hour face-to-face Zoom meetings. Meetings are Monday - Friday, for an hour each day (5 hours of face time with Adam himself). The price of this service is a one-time payment of $4,997. Read below for full details...

Here's What You Will Accomplish In Just 5 Days (click the title for full details):

What We'll Be Doing Day #1:
  • Research the offer marketplace and choose one to promote.
  • Research the ad buying marketplace to glean insight into what's currently working for your chosen offer.
  • Plan out the build phase for your offer. 
What We'll Be Doing Day #2:
  • Set up your initial website, complete with domain and branding.
  • Choose a template for your landing page.
  • Write the initial copy for your landing page.
  • Create the initial CTA images for your landing page.
What We'll Be Doing Day #3:
  • Get familiar with the Cherrington Push DSP.
  • Create your Push Ads. 
  • Set up your Push Ads campaign and go live.
What We'll Be Doing Day #4:
  • Look over the results of your campaign and begin to trim the fat (optimize).
  • Begin thinking about creating new iterations from the winning landing pages.
  • Optimize initial set of ads.
What We'll Be Doing Day #5:
  • Define your top 10 landing pages to run on LiveIntent.
  • Create banner ads for your LiveIntent Email Sponsorships.