Hiring Your VA:

Job Post To Make:

My name is __________________. I run a small digital marketing company in the US, and am needing to hire a full-time VA with an eye for web page design, and who has a decent Internet IQ. You're profile looks great, so I wanted to see if you might be interested in the position.

I’m needing someone with experience browsing the web, using Microsoft products like Word, and who is comfortable following video instruction to learn new software applications. You would need to be ok with sitting in front of your computer for 8 hours/day. The tasks I would have you perform are pretty simple, but I would need you to follow a very specific set of instructions to accomplish them.

Just to give you more info... If you'd be up for a full-time gig with my team, I could pay $500 US/month. I would provide you with extensive video training to get you going. You can set your own hours, and even work weekends if better for your schedule. I'm not picky about that as long as you're putting in 40 hours/week.

Let me know if this is of interest, and if so, please send over your resume that speaks to any of the above requirements!

Web design experience is a HUGE plus! Some of what you will doing day to day is building web pages with a drag and drop tool (no coding necessary), so experience with a similar drag and drop website builder is a plus!

Thanks, and looking forward to working with you.