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I have 2 expert copywriters who currently have bandwidth to help you write your advertorials. Each of them have written dozens of advertorials for myself and my students, and their copy is proven to produce sales. Their names are Elizabeth Roselle, and Julie Zawadzki. Their respective emails are below:

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Job Headline:

Advertorial/Copywriter Needed To Join My Team

Job Post:

Hi there! I'm needing a seasoned advertorial writer to join my team. Looking for a creative writer/copywriter, who loves to tell story. Hoping to find someone with availability throughout the week, as I'm needing 3+ super detailed, fictional, newsy advertorials written every week.

I'm creating this initial post for a single 2,500-word advertorial.

The product I'd like to feature in this first piece is a Keto supplement called Natures Pure Keto - https://getnaturespure.com/offer/v1-1/index.php. The offer is for a FREE, 30-day sample bottle. The visitor just pays $4.95 shipping & handling, so they can try it out 100% FREE.

The advertorial "style" I'd like you to write this in is what I would call a "News Report" style...an interview between an investigative news reporter from an independent health news source, and the interviewee (a female in her mid 40’s) who has experienced a tremendous weight loss breakthrough using the supplement. The interviewee could be an every day joe, or a medical student/practitioner who has stumbled upon their own brilliant Keto formula (Natures Pure Keto).

If you could start the interviewees dialogue with somewhat of a "Nightmare story," that has usually proven more effective. A story of horrible struggle/pain/demoralizing defeat, which turns into triumph after a friend/colleague/etc introduces her to the Natures Pure Keto product. The more pain points you can push and agitate here, the better. After the interview concludes, continue writing as the investigative reporter about the Natures Pure Keto product under these headings; Here's How It Works (should be a pretty lengthy, benefit oriented section of what the Natures Pure Keto product can do for the reader), We Put It To The Test (a 60-day, week by week progress report, in which a member of the news publication volunteers to test the product out and track the results), How To Get It (the call to action which alerts the reader to the amazing deal the news publication has secured exclusively for its readers, with multiple links to the deal. The deal being the FREE, 30-day sample bottle so everyone can try it out 100% FREE). Close with a call to action that has the reader "Check Availability and Get Your FREE Sample." We don't want to appear too salesy with these pieces, but we DO want to include scarcity and a time frame/quantity limit that makes people want to “check availability” for the product immediately. All benefits, very few features. It's a pre-sell page designed to hook the reader into an almost unbelievable story, then get them to click the subtle links in the piece which takes them to where they can get their free bottle. The call to action needs to be clear and concise with several links.

The story needs to be DETAILED and SPECIFIC. Nothing bland, common or cliché. Think “newsworthy!” Everything from the headline to the specific details within the story needs to keep the reader on the edge of their seat! Spend some time thinking, researching, and coming up with a story good enough to be featured on ABC News, CNN, and the like. That’s the level of writing I’m wanting here!

*IMPORTANT: You can embellish and fabricate all content! And Please do!! This is a fictional piece. Get as creative as you can with the story! The more outlandish, yet still believable the story, the better. Make all the claims you want. We're not concerned with any kind of "compliance" here. If you want to claim the interviewee lost 150lbs in a month, go for it. Just keep it believable!

One last thing… I would also like you to include image placeholder text where you think images should be placed throughout the content. I don't need you to find the images, just spell out the specific images that you would like to see at certain points in the content. Example: (insert image of depressed, obese woman in her 40's, eating a can of Spam here). You get the idea 🙂 Please include multiple image placeholders within this piece. All images should be carefully chosen to support the story, and strategically placed. The initial image that appears below the headline, often referred to as the "hero shot," is the most important, so please really give that one some extra thought. If you can change the font color for this placeholder text to green, that would easily help me see where you've chosen for the images to be placed.

Thank you, and looking forward to working with you long term!